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Gin House Flowers is run by me, Lucy Hill. My passion for all things flowers began in my teens when I worked at a small florist at a Saturday job. I loved learning about flowers, colours and arrangements. It was a really fun job!

Despite all my family being involved in rock and roll, I was more interested in horticulture. At college, I enjoyed studying Floristry and Horticultural Studies. I loved learning about areas of the course like fine art and practical studies. It sparked creativity in me that I didn’t know I had!  

After a string of character-building life events, when I broke my back, recovered, got a job in a pub, then a bank, and climbed the financial ladder (what’s one of those?), I landed a fab role in customer service and sales.

A few years later, love blossomed (see what I did there? ☺) when I met my husband-to-be at the Cambridge branch of the bank. And my career bloomed in finance too! I took a job at Invoice Finance, initially as an assistant relationship manager, an auditor shortly afterwards, and then in sales/purchasing. I became the expert at finding fraudsters! I progressed into the sales team, evaluating and lending businesses from £250k-£5m. It was hard work and I regular put in 80-hour weeks, but I got a buzz helping businesses get the funding they needed.

about image
about image

After tying the knot with Rob in February 2017, redundancy loomed at the bank, and I faced another challenge – what to do next? I had always loved working with flowers, but somehow I got swept up in the corporate world! After years of working in finance, sales, purchasing, people management and customer service, I was ready for a big change. I was prepared more than ever to start my own business, and being quite competitive, this was just another challenge I set myself and one I was going to win!

In May 2017, I started ‘Gin House Flowers’ because… I love gin and beautiful flowers! And both make people feel special and loved ☺

Now, I’m busy creating amazing bouquet displays that bring happiness and joy to so many faces! What job is better than that?!

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